5 Signs It’s Time to Get A New Fence

Fences do many things for a home, like adding privacy, beauty, and even protection. To keep these perks you may want to ensure your fence is doing its job, although maintenance and repair may extend the life of your fence eventually you’ll come across the time that you’ll need a new fence. Here are 5 signs you need a new fence.

Material is rotting

A great fence can last many years but through time many factors can decrease the lifespan of your fence. Your fence may experience rotting from weather conditions, “water clog” is more likely to occur if your fence was built with untreated wood which isn’t water-resistant. Because of constant wood expansion and shrinks from water and heat your fence will start to rot. Rotting can also occur by the cause of critters like termites, you may notice holes and crumble in your fence over time as these little guys can potentially destroy most of your wood fence. Repair may be effective if you catch early signs but most of the time you will need a new fence to help prevent evergrowing future damage.


If you like your privacy a fence can help your home feel more secure and private. If you have a shorter style fence or no fence at all but don’t feel the comfort of home because of the “exposed” feeling of your house, you should get a new fence. After all, a home should feel like home.


Like all structures, a strong base is needed. If you notice your fence is leaning or is not properly aligned a new fence may be the best option. Time can come with shifts in the surroundings of your home caused by natural earth changes, making your fence posts move and therefore disbalance the alignment. 

Insufficient Protection

A fence barriers your home, if you have pets or are concerned about keeping your property safe encompassing your home with a fence is one of the best investments for your home. 


When your fence loses it's color and has a bleached appearance your fence has started to show signs of its strength deteriorating. UV exposure and loss of preservatives in your fences wood accelerates this and can become victim to warping and rotting. Fortunately, this is one of the first and easiest signs to notice you need a new fence. 

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