How much can a fence add to the value of my home?

A fence surrounds your home with a decorative touch and can be the investment that completes your home. The value that a fence brings to your home depends on the material of your fence, the condition, location, and what home buyers are looking for. We’re here to help you understand how a fence can improve the value of your home!

Which fencing material is best?

When choosing a fence material you will need to ask yourself these questions 

  • What is my budget? 

  • How much privacy do I want?

  • What are my security needs?

A wood fence is the most common material. It is reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and can be modestly budget-friendly. 

Dallas Texas Wood Fence

An Iron fence is a more expensive choice but can be more elegant and strong. If you want a beautiful and secure boundary to your home an Iron fence might be your best option.


Vinyl Fences are a perfect choice if you have an ornamental vision in mind for your home, although a bit pricier than wood this material allows you to have low maintenance and attractive fence.

Vinyl Fence.jpg

When is a fence a good home investment?

Your fence will be on display to anyone passing by your home and is one of the first things home buyers judge off of appearance. Great first impressions are important if you are looking to impress guests and potential home buyers, a beautiful fence will benefit your home aesthetically and increase buyer interest.

Privacy is one of the top sought after features of a house for many home buyers. If you are looking to sell your home a tall fence may help. Privacy and comfort get checked off of many buyers lists when they see a fence that provides a nice surrounding.

When it comes to repairing your home fence sometimes a new fence can be more cost-efficient. If you can’t just replace a couple of boards so it looks and holds sturdy like new, a new fence may be your best choice. If you’re wondering when it may be time for a new fence you can check out our other blog where we go over 5 signs you need a new fence.

Maybe you aren’t looking to sell your home but instead, increase the value of your home through the feeling of personal comfort and keeping your family safe from any kind of intruder. Privacy isn’t limited to home buyers but for yourself as well, a tall enough fence can improve the safety of your home and bring a feeling of comfort upon you and your family. In addition, a fence can keep things in just as much as it can keep them out. So if you have any furry companions a fence will provide you with an area that your companion can safely roam around in. Keeping in pets is also a major reason why many home buyers want a fence for their new house.

How do I get a fence installation?

Contact a local fence company like The Global Fence and Gate and ask about fence installation services that may benefit your home, we are always ready to help out our customers and look forward to adding value to your home! 


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