How to save money on a new fence.

When building a fence one of the biggest concerns of many people is their budget, we understand those concerns and we are here to help educate you on costs to help you save some money.


With a fence installation, many things can dictate the cost of having a fence installed. One of those things is your fencing materials which are often priced in square feet.

For Example, if you are interested in a wood fence the wood can cost you from $2 to $10 per square foot. As for the total installation, the price will vary depending on the wood type, fence height, and styling. 

Vinyl fencing costs anywhere from $5 to $15 per square foot. The lightweight material is an easier installation but not the toughest material. The total cost for installing a vinyl fence is about $25 per square foot.


Wrought Iron fencing is the most expensive but the toughest for security fencing. An Iron fence can cost around $35 per square foot.



Labor is most often the biggest cost factor involved in fence installation. Certain conditions can increase the overall cost. For example, if your home has areas that are difficult to build on like surface-level changes or hard to reach areas your fence installation can be more expensive. These obstacles can be slopes, trees, and electrical wiring. 

Tips for saving on a fence installation

  • Contact your HOA for any requirements and secure city permits yourself for extra savings!

  • Certain regions in the U.S may be more expensive with fence installations than others.

  • Remember the reason you are looking for a new fence, don’t be afraid to ask questions or for recommendations on your fence installation.

  • Keep in mind the costs of future maintenance.

  • You should take into consideration the size of your yard will affect the pricing of your fence installation. The larger the area the costs increase due to the amount of labor and material.

How to save with The Global Fence and Gate

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