Quality Fencing Standards

Everyone wants a beautiful and long-lasting fence but getting there can take many different roads. Comparing apples to apples is virtually impossible because most companies do not divulge all the information necessary to make educated decisions. The Global Fence and Gate is proud of our transparency with our customers and we would like to educate you on fencing standards you should consider.

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We understand most people shouldn't be expected to know all the nuances. They just want a quality fence for a good price. But beware!  There are many materials being offered and many ways to install the fence. At Global Fence we believe the most important part of the fence is what you DO NOT EVEN SEE. We will explain, these are the fencing standards you should know about.

What matters in a fence

Many times a customer will focus on the appearance of the fence and be fooled into believing it is a quality fence. In reality, a quality fence will be justified by how deep you dig your holes, what kind of concrete you use, and the thickness of the posts. This is by far the most important part of the fence to make it long-lasting and look great for years to come. We have all seen most of the fences in our neighborhoods leaning after a few years or even a few months. Sadly when we see the leaning fences we can do nothing but feel sorry for the hard-earned wasted money. No matter if you use the highest quality materials above ground it's worthless at this point. A post MUST be dug approximately 3' deep, using a post thickness of .095 minimum and Maximizer brand concrete. Do not be fooled by those cutting corners, especially any hand made concrete because it will be inconsistent and the posts can be pulled out of the ground a year later.

What makes a quality fence?

  • A deep hole for your posts (3 feet deep}

  • A thick post  (.095 ????? minimum EDIT!!!!!!!!!!)

  • A Premium concrete  (Sakrete Maximizer Concrete Mix)

  • A Premium fencing material (Example - Western Red Cedar Wood)

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